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Unifloor Aqua Vision 5mm


Available in 6 Colors!

100% Waterproof


  • Densified Foam Core (DFC)
  • 4 mm /1 mm Virgin PVC / 2 UV Coats
  • 12 mil wear layer
  • 100% Virgin PVC
  • Installation: Float Click
  • Plank Dimensions: 5.6” W x 47.83″ L x  5.0 mm
  • Coverage per box: 27.88 sq.ft.
  • Boxes Per Pallet: 72
  • Pieces per Box: 15

Antique Ash


Antique Cedar


Brush Ash

brush-ash-aqua-waterproof flooring


Aqua Vision, is constructed of a DFC (Densified Foam) core with a 100% Virgin PVC adhered to it. Aqua Vision is engineered for the home and offices as it has a 12 mil wear layer and is warrantied for 25 years in the home, and 5 years in the office.

Rustic Walnut




Cottage Pine



  • Sweep your floor regularly to remove loose dirt.
  • Prevent stains by wiping spills promptly.
  • Occasional mopping with warm water and Distilled white vinegar is recommended when dirt builds up and sweeping alone is not sufficient. Use a solution of ½ cup Distilled white vinegar in one gallon of warm water.
  • Do not attempt to clean your Unifloor Aqua products with wax, polish or scouring materials.


  • Lay dirt-absorbing mats in high traffic areas, such as entrance and hallways.
  • Fit felt tips on the feet of your furniture
  • For office chairs, use a chair mat to protect the floors    Telephone:  305-265-4554

Care & Maintenance PDF

Courey International Inc. offers 25-year Residential Wear Warranty and 5-year Light Commercial Wear Warranty. Courey International warrants to the original purchaser from the original date of purchase of product from a distributor, business partner or authorized dealer that it’s products in original state, will be free from defects in material, fabrication, laminating, assembly, separation of the structure, machining, size and classification. Courey International Inc. warrants, to the original purchaser, that the flooring’s surface layer will not wear through, fade or stain for the period indicated on the package.

The warranty does not apply if the damages are caused by improper installation according to the installation instructions, improper surface preparation, improper handling and improper maintenance.

Courey International Inc. also guarantees, to the original purchaser, that the surface layer will not separate from the core, for the period indicated on the package when used under normal circumstances.

For any warranty issues, please refer to the original point of purchase with your sales receipt. Installation implies acceptance. No warranty will be offered for visual defects once installed. In the event a claim is accepted, Courey International Inc. reserves the right to repair or replace the damaged area of the floor. Courey International Inc. will assume material cost only and in the case where the product is no longer available, Courey International Inc. reserves the right to replace with an equivalent value product available.    Telephone:  305-265-4554

Warranty PDF

Installation of Aqua Vision


Please verify the panels carefully for any possible damage or deviation from standard dimensions before installation.

Make sure they match with the selected decorative design. No complaints can be accepted in the case panels have been used! If you discover apparent defects in the panels, you should stop the installation immediately!

In order to carry out the installation you will need:

Underlayment, pull iron, tapping block, saw, spacers, hammer, pencil and a straight edge. Please make a point of using only approved accessories as they have been designed specifically for working with your floating floor. The panels should not be glued, nailed or otherwise fixed (e.g. door stopper) to the sub-floor.

The sub-floor must be absolutely level, dry, clean and firm (old fixed carpet must be removed). Difference in floor level of more than 1/8”, must either be sanded down or filled with appropriate filling compound.

For acoustic insulation, use approved underlayment. The seams of the underlayment should be laid in the same direction as the panels. The panels should preferably be installed longitudinally to the main light source. For installation on sub-floor heating, please comply with special instructions. You can obtain these from your dealer.

Please comply with the installation instructions. No complaints can be accepted in cases of faulty installation.


With the first row of panels, remove the tongue and place this side against the wall and set straight. For accurate cutting of the last panel in the first row, rotate 180o and, with the pattern side upwards, mark out off cut and saw off. Always saw from the upper surface of the panel (to avoid splintering the edges). Only when using a hand held jigsaw or circular saw should the pattern side be placing downwards.

Connect the panels of the first row on the short side over the entire room length. Planks of the remaining rows interlock with the next plank by swiveling them downward leaving a slight gap at the short end. Then, using a tapping block, gently hammer the plank until the joint clicks tight.

If the wall is not straight:

Place the first row against the wall using a spacer and a pencil then transfer the contour of wall to the panels and saw along the markings. Start each new row with the leftover piece from the preceding row. The transverse joints must be offset by at least 10 inches. Please take particular care that the first three rows are perfectly straight.


If you are unable to angle the panels (e.g. under a door frame or low fitted radiator) you have to cut away the locking edge of the lip of the bottom groove by using a wood chisel or a small block plane. Run a bead of glue on the modified tongue and groove. Tap the panels tight together by using a hammer and a push block or pull bar. If necessary, fix with an adhesive tape.

Where there ate heating pipes or room dividers:

First cut the panel to correct length. Then lay the panel beside the actual position, measure the recesses with a ruler and draw in. Now drill and cut the marked sections. Join up the sawn off piece again tightly behind the heating pipe.

If a doorframe has to be shortened:

Lay a panel next to the frame (with the pattern side facing downward). Cut into the doorframe with a backsaw. Then slide the panel under the frame with pattern side upwards.

To finish off:

Measure the exact width of the last panel row. To do this lay a panel on the previous panel row. Then lay a second panel to be measured with the tongue to the wall and use as a straight edge and saw the panel along the markings. Fit the last panel carefully with the aid of the pull-iron.

Finished!!    Telephone:  305-265-4554

Installation Instructions PDF