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Terms and Conditions


•These terms and conditions of sale are in effect as of February 1, 2011 and supersede all previous issues.
•These terms and conditions apply to the sale of products manufactured by Courey International shipped via The Company’s plants or stocking warehouses to its recognized customers.
•The possession of the Company’s price lists will not be accepted by the Company as an obligation or offer, to sell any goods listed therein to anyone.
•Prices contained therein are subject to change without notice, and supersede all previous price lists. All orders will be invoiced at prices in effect at time of shipment.

TAXES: Unless otherwise indicated, taxes are not included in The Company’s price lists.

INTEREST: Interest rate of 18% per annum will be charged after maturity date.

Credit Procedures

Terms of payment are within Courey International’s sole discretion and unless otherwise agreed to by Courey International, payment must be received or otherwise authorized or secured in a form approved by Courey International prior to Courey International’s acceptance of an order. Payment for the products will be made by approved credit card, wire transfer, electronic funds transfer or some other prearranged payment method agreed to by Courey International. Invoices are due and payable by the payment date(s) specified through electronic (including but not limited to e-mail), facsimile (fax) and/or verbal confirmation between Courey International and the customer. Courey International may invoice parts of an order separately. Orders are not binding upon Courey International until accepted by Courey International (see Order Acceptance Policy). Any quotations given by Courey International will be valid for the period stated on the quotation. Courey International reserves the right to adjust or cancel quotations as required.

Limited Warranty

Courey International products have been designed and constructed to provide maximum durability and Quality. All materials used in our products are of the highest quality. This is a limited warranty.
These prices exclude any waiting time, assisting in off loading the container, delaying the delivery of the container, or moving the cargo to a facility to accommodate customers without a dock.


All references to monetary amounts, including prices, on the Courey International Website (the “Site”) and in this Agreement shall be in U.S. currency.